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On a very limited basis, I design and build furniture-style kitchens.

The kitchen is the most used room in the home--where we drop our keys, sort our receipts, do our homework, check our email, and most especially where we gather and talk before, during and after every party. Sometimes we even make and eat meals in our kitchens.

We live in our kitchens, and yet we put our best furniture other, less-used rooms. It's 2011, but standard kitchen design is still focused on the way people lived in 1911. Kitchens can be so much more than efficient work spaces designed for servants we no longer have.

I design and build functional, durable and beautiful kitchens adapted to how you lead your life. Every kitchen I make is unique to its users. The process begins with discussions about how you use your current kitchen--what you like and what you dislike. We then plan a new kitchen together and work through every detail to ensure its many roles work seamlessly together.

Below are some recent examples:



Arts and Crafts Kitchen



This kitchen is for a former professional cook, in the Arts & Crafts style using American cherry.

Seeded glass panels on the upper cabinets let you to know what's inside without seeing it too clearly.

A continuous arch over the counter hides lights, sockets, and the stove vent.

An Egyptian-style spice shelf is set into the wall next to the clock.







In the center of the kitchen is a circular island with a butcherblock top.

With no corners, it is very easy to move around and a favorite place to stand, munch on a snack and talk with the cook.

The doors and drawers feature figured cherry (as the centerpiece of the kitchen, it should attract the eye).



Art Nouveau Kitchen




For a family with young children and an active social life, this kitchen is designed to do it all, all at once.

The center island is a lunch table, a homework station, a cocktail bar and occasional buffet. A row of stools along the back side puts guests and children out of the cook's way while ensuring everyone's still part of the conversation.

The hanging cabinets store bottles and glasses for easy access.

The Art Nouveau style cabinetry is in Swiss pearwood has figured Ceylon satinwood panels. These woods give the space a light warm glow no matter the time of day or night.



At the business end of the kitchen, a circular butcher block top offers the right height for food preparation. Knife storage is built into the surface, and a slot with fitted lid allows compost to be deposited into a hidden container in the top drawer.




The cantilevered end on the center island serves as a laptop station on the go, and an extra seat during lunchtime or a party.



The stove is framed by the pear and satinwood cabinets. It is the first part of the kitchen you see as you enter from the doorway.



A built-in china cabinet with glass shelves keeps the good stuff safe and on view.

Nearly flush with the wall, the cabinet allows people to walk past easily.

While it's a functional kitchen cabinet, it's also fine furniture.