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June 8, 2012

OK, I don't update this website as often as I might. Full admission -- I get distracted by life. Mondaugen's Law has suffered a similar fate and remains un-updated in ages. However, at any moment I will launch back into a life of writing blog posts. I just need less distraction. Until then, we will remain an ossified site -- nothing new for those who have been here before, but a veritable wonderland (albeit dated) to those who haven't.

February 18, 2011

If you haven't noticed already, I've added a section on kitchens to the blog. My limited Dreamweaver skills, however, mean I haven't quite figured out the linking thing. You can get there from the homepage, but also by clicking here.

My new woodworking blog Mondaugen's Law (for beginners and anyone else interested in the craft), now has a two posts and soon three. It's located here if you aim to take a look.

An average day in the shop.

If you enjoy making boxes, please take a look at Traditional Box Projects, either here, which is Amazon, or here which is the Taunton Press, the publisher.

I used to keep a travel blog at www.mondaugenslaw.blogs.com. But I've found it hard to keep writing when I'm not traveling so it hasn't been updated in a while, though I highly recommend the archives for some good adventures in India.