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The Lily Pond series is a complete collection of designs, some realized, many still in drawing stage. The goal is to offer a geometric and, for the most part, subtle visual interest in each piece.

The basic element is a triangle, sometime straight, sometimes curved. The wood is solid Honduran mahogany. All the joints are either dovetails or traditional mortise-and-tenon with oak pegs to ensure the greatest solidity. The unbroken uniformity of the mahogany and the frame-and-panel construction give the series a visual density and weight.

While the series is unified by these elements, each piece has very different influences. For example, the bed's lines are a play on post-and-beam roof trusses turned upside down. The two-legged table has a little bit of M.C. Escher's visual puns, and a man standing awkwardly with his left foot crossed over to the right side of his right foot. Some have seen Frank Lloyd Wright in these pieces, others have seen Anglican church architecture. Neither of these were on my mind at the time, but perhaps mixed in the bric-a-brac of my brain.

Part of the idea of this series is to take unconnected ideas and influences and bring them together in a series by using similar elements. In short, I start far away with a design idea, and see if I can work towards the series. The rest of the idea is to make interesting and beautiful furniture, plain and simple.

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