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My first woodworking job was in 1986 at Wood Interiors by Rodger Reid in New Preston Connecticut. I worked summers while attending college. Roger specialized in solid wood interior paneling and cabinetry and from him and Ed Downs I learned most of the trade. From 1996 to 2000, I served as an editor at the Taunton Press, first at Fine Woodworking magazine, then in the books department.

I went out on my own in January, 2000. My first shop was our two-car garage. It was roomy but had only 7 ft. ceilings. Naturally, two of my earliest commissons were very tall bookcases, wll over 8 ft. I had to build them horizontally and assemble them outside in good weather. This spurred me to build a shop with 11 ft. ceilings in 2002. Naturally since then, customers have wanted mostly tables, beds, buffets, the occasional kitchen and music stand, but nothing taller than 7 ft. This is one of those universal laws to which I humbly submit.

Strother Purdy


Strother Purdy
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